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Technical Support
Our consultants can be on call to provide the expertise your company needs, either on a short term or on going basis. Being available to you, just when you need them, for just as long as you need them, they will operate as an extension to your own technical staff.

Hardware Advice
When is the right time to make a change to a system? What operating system should be used? What applications are right for the job? Is the machine capable of the task? In many cases people respond to a situation rather than planning ahead. This can lead to short term decisions that may turn out to be costly mistakes. Whether you are concerned about the utilisation of your current equipment or what equipment to buy, our consultants can help ensure you get the maximum return from your investment.

Software Advice
Are your software systems a benefit to your company or a liability? We can help you to review your overall software strategy. We will highlight the strengths and point out the weaknesses and recommend some alternative approaches that will benefit your company.

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